The Robotics and Mechanisms Laboratory has created a prototype robot that looks more like a hand that really a robot as we know. Certainly not talking about functional similarity in appearance. The name of this hand, which runs on compressed air, is Raphael. This robot has already won several awards for innovation by being able to hold small objects like a light bulb or a ball without breaking them.

Raphael is a hand-shaped robot developed by the Robotics and Mechanisms Laboratory with the collaboration of the engineering school at Virginia Tech This small device has already attracted the attention of researchers around the world because it can hold objects and transporting them one place to another without throwing to the ground or break them.

Based on compressed air instead of engines and other hands sisters, Raphael manages to make strong enough to grab a light bulb or a ball without breaking them. It also has some elastic ligaments are similar to those animals that control the force exerted on an object.